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The Power of Global Partnerships

For nearly two decades, Yash has been delivering innovative and highly efficient power infrastructure solutions.

This has been possible through powerful international collaborations and knowledge partnerships, which has made us synonymous with world-class performers in the global market.

In 2016, our pursuit of achieving indigenous manufacturing excellence, led us to become the first Indian manufacturer to localize the production of niche Dry type-Resin Impregnated Paper Condenser bushings under technology from Moser Glaser (MGC) – Switzerland

RIP/RIS bushings being completely dry, and free from transformer oil are non-flammable, highly safe solution for power transformer operation. With Indian Utilities increasingly specifying RIP bushings for new projects keeping in mind the safety and reliability aspect, Indian transformer OEMs were earlier heavily relying on imports owing to lack of any local solution provider for this very special technology which as such has handful of players globally.

This ground breaking initiative by us was a result of our pursuit towards Honourable PM’s vision of ‘Make in India’. Our innovation under this prestigious initiative, has not only given immense relief to the Indian transformer industry, but has also been warmly appreciated at State and National levels.

A 100 year old company, MGC are the pioneers of RIP technology and catering to global customers since 1958 with their product range of upto 550kV RIP & RIS bushings (Air to Oil, Oil to Oil ,Oil to SF6, Air to Air) and RIP busbar systems.

Moser Glaser is today an equity partner of Yash since 2018, adding immense value to the organization structure combining Swiss Engineering with Indian Reliability

Moser Glaser is a Pfiffner Group company, which is globally renowned as manufacturers of niche Instrument transformers upto 550kV headquartered at Hirschthal-Switzerland, with factories in Germany, Turkey, Brazil and most recently in Nashik-India for localized manufacturing of up to 420kV Oil filled instrument transformers with their globally proven Swiss technology. Pfiffner group recently acquired the world-renowned brand Haefely test systems which launched the group to new heights on the global Power map.

This strong partnership with MGC has also enabled Yash to offer world class technologies and “Swiss Quality” portfolio of products to the Indian electrical industry. As an Indian MSME, we draw a huge advantage by associations with their years of experience, utilizing their global reach as well as rich innovative history

Our valued customers

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