To become a self-reliant superpower, India needs a reliable and consistent power infrastructure. At Yash, we are fuelled by this ambition to provide world-class products and services to the global power industry that are “Made in India – For the World”.

In line with Honourable Prime Minister’s call for an “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (Self Sufficient India), Yash is revolutionising and adopting new technologies to provide the longevity and robustness to support the huge demand for power infrastructure. With a commitment to offer cutting-edge solutions to customers, our products are underlined with efficient innovation – both in terms of cost and performance.


To be the preferred solutions provider for High voltage and High current transformer bushings globally.


We are steadfastly committed to deliver superior quality products, highly customised solutions and exceedingly responsive services to customers; thus offering benchmark performance and customer experience. We shall uphold the highest standards in human values and shall invest our best efforts to fulfil expectations of all our stakeholders.

Quality Policy

YASH Highvoltage Limited is devoted to provide the best Power Transformer Bushing solutions to customers. Our organization shall be sensitive to emerging opportunities and relentlessly pursue new ideas. We shall bank heavily on the individual initiative and creativity, and shall nurture a culture that brings every mind into the game.

We are committed to providing the best solutions to customers by:


Implementing customer driven strategies


Developing accurate, effective performance measures


Leveraging on continuous improvement initiatives


Sustaining partnerships with suppliers for competitive advantage


Creating a learning environment that fosters constant innovation

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